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Sending messages to a bulk of whatsapp numbers

Hello everyone!
I’m trying to use API Twilio in order to send messages from my app to my whatsapp clients.
Everything was being ok, but when I tried to send to more than one number, I had trouble.

When I send to one single number, it works.

But when I try to send to more than one number, it doesn’t work.
Captura de Tela 2021-09-10 às 16.22.48

How Can I send to more than one whatsapp number?

Thanks in advance.

I am from Brazil as well :wave:

In your second image you are sending to “55+11999999999”.
The correct is “+5511999999999”
You inserted the plus sign after the country code.

Other problem that I saw… your generated list of numbers is not beeing transmited to Twillio with the coutry code (+55) before the number. Take a look in the error…

Hello, guy! I think I remember you from the times of Flash forum! haha
You are right, I put the + in the wrong place.
About the other problem, this is exactly what I have no idea how can I do this.
Do you have some idea how can I solve this?
Thank you so much!

:exploding_head: OMG I remember you as well… 15 years ago I Think :joy:

About the second problem, you can use the code below to manipulate the generated list, inserting the “+55” before every number

+55Search for Clientes's Whatsapp:join with ,+55

Note that after the “:join with” you will type SPACE, COMMA AND +55

This should correct the problem :wink:

You’ve always helped me since Flash days!
Got it! Now I can put the prefix whatsapp:+55 before each number.
BUT I think this is not enough to send messages via API. Now it’s returning these errors: