Sending Option set from RG via workflow link

Hi, I have an RG for an option set, and it is set to show all of the option set’s “Displays”. This works fine.

Then I set a workflow on the Displays, because I want to link to another page, and send the category that was clicked in the option set. (This seems like a natural thing for an RG?)

In the workflow, I tell it to go to another page, and send the category data. But it is asking for more info, and I’m not sure what I’m missing here?

I think the problem here is that you can’t set a pages type of content as an option set. It may be better to either set up categories in the data types or send a parameter with your option as shown below:

You can then read this parameter using the ‘Get data from page Url’

This is great! and I hope to be a better solution, but I’m still not getting it to work:

I set the link to add the parameter :+1: so that’s fine.

Now I am trying to get the browse page to read the parameter. “On page load” i’m setting the state of the RG to be a search for products, where the category = the category parameter from the URL.

But it’s still not letting me just use that logic, and it wants me to use a different syntax somehow… Can I not just say that category = category’s display?

If you are sending something in the URL it will be a text. If the category data type is not a text this may be why this isn’t working? Alternativly you can try removing the display so it just says ‘Get category from page URL’ this may work.

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That finally got it… super.

I had to set the category parameter as the category option set. I had previously set it as text, thinking that since the URL parameter was text, that is how it would match, but nope! Thanks for prompting me to take another look at it.

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