[SOLVED] Can't get value from URL parameter when it's another data type?

I have a workflow to create a new Goal. It creates the Goal and should also assign it a Category. I get the category from the page URL. This used to work fine when the category was just a text field in the Goal data type, but as you can see below, I’ve now made that category a Category data type:

So it’s no longer adding the category to the goal in the database:

Interestingly, when I click to edit a record, the category is there:

But when I export all records, it’s not there, and when I try to use it in conditionals, it’s empty.

So: Can I not get a value from a URL parameter when the value is another data type? If not, how can I add the value correctly?

Thank you!

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Thanks to @dbevan for helping me with this offline. In case someone else is looking for this, it ends up being a bit more involved than it was when I was just using a text type as the category. Here’s what I had to do:

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And then when I want to show in a repeating group only the items from a certain category, I have to do this, which seems quite convoluted to me, but it works:

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