Sending Order Confirmation Emails with SendGrid

Hi All,

Wanted to ask if anyone knows how best to send data to SendGrid to send out emails with dynamic data such as an order summary?

I’m using the @copilot sendgrid plugin (thanks for making this! works well), but can’t figure out how best to send dynamic data from bubble into SendGrid

In my specific case, I’m looking at creating a template which injects line items for a customer’s orders (this could be 1 item, could be 5, etc) - into a SendGrid template.

I know we can send individual parameters such as a customer’s name or order total amount etc, but can’t figure out how to send a list of item names, item pictures and item prices. This would be most helpful to learn.

Also if you know of any useful resources I can look at or if this has been covered elsewhere please let me know as I’ve searched this forum but without much luck.

Thank you

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