Sending password reset link doesn't work in production

Hi all,

I am using Postmark to send mail. I have a quick search and learn that using any other mail provider to send reset password mail first needs to generate a “token” by the below action.

then use the this steps results in the postmark mail body like below:

Until now, everything goes well :slight_smile: in the test mode. When I deploy this development to the prod enviroment, I cannot get generated a “token” This first steps result comes empty :frowning:

Do you have any idea?

Thanks in advance.

I believe the password reset token is only available in backend workflows.

Looks like this is a front end workflow?

@tylerboodman thank you for your time.
Yeah this is not backend workflow. I am gonna try and call it from backend workflow.
It is interesting how this works in test mode but not working in prod env.

Yea I didn’t think it would work in dev mode front end, strange…

@tylerboodman Nothing changed :frowning: I added the whole process as a backend workflow. It works in test mode apart from production mode. :frowning: why it doesn’t work in production :confused:

Does a user with that email exist in your live database?

Also I might be thinking of the magic login token not working in frontend maybe…

Right but does the user actually exist in your live database (two different databases)

Yeah, u r right, i am gonna change the flow, first check the email if the record exists in db then send a password reset mail.

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Probably just put the condition on the “Send postmark email” to only run when the “Result of the token step” is not empty.

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Have you found a solution to this? I have the exact same problem:

-the user exists

  • it works in dev mode
  • token is empty in production
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create a backend workflow and call it inside the workflow where u wanna call it. Also, make sure that the user exists in production.

Thank you but this is exactly what I am doing. And note: everything works just as expected in dev mode. I have a button which triggers a backend wf which than creates the token and sends the email.

I have opened a support ticket.

Do you have any other ideas?

You 100% sure your user exists in your live database? Same email? Live and Dev database are different