Sending searchbox geographic address value as a thing to popup and page

Basically, I am allowing users to input a geographic address into a searchbox. When they change the value it will check to see if we have that value already in the database. If not it will create a new thing within the type “property” with the address as a field.

Additionally when that searchbox value is not empty, two buttons appear. 1) Add a review, to allow the user to have a popup 2) View, which will send the user to the page of the address they have in the searchbox. (since it created a new thing)

The two problems that I am having is 1) Its not letting me define the popup as the thing related to the address in the searchbox and 2) its not sending the thing related to the address in the searchbox to the property page.

Any suggestions?

Your description is very unclear so it is difficult to understand what exactly your problem is. I’ll do my best below in the hope it helps.

Have you tried adding a custom state to the popup of type Property then in your workflow where you create the new property have an action that sets the custom state to Result is step … (the action that creates the new property)?

As for the page, in the Go to Page action you can add a manual parameter, call it Property and set the value to the property you just created. On the new page use a Get from URL to get the property. This is a very standard thing in Bubble and I am pretty sure it is in the training videos so it might be worth a trip back there. Also do a search in YouTube because bubblers post videos there and search the forum. What you are trying to do is pass data to a page.

Hey aloef,

I believe it would go something like this,
[in the actions menu]
–user clicks view property>
set state of “popup” to “custom state” with a vlaue of "geo address inputs’s value>
show popup

and then on the popup set its content to “popup’s”“custom state”
and then set all of the child elements to parent groups stuff

Hey Kyle the part I am having trouble with is the search box as a geographic place to link with the thing created. I’ll try this out and if it doesn’t work hit you up :slight_smile:

@aloecf got your message, if you set the Type of the custom state to geographic address it should accept the searchbox address. I do it all the time. If you would like to share a couple of screenshots I or someone else can probably see the problem quickly.

is the second one right?

and then sending the custom state to the property page?

Can you show me a screen shot of the custom state on the Searchbox please. I need to see the Type

also please confirm what your page Property’s type is.

And for the property page type

I need to see the custom state that you have defined on the Searchbox please. I looked at your link quickly but can’t see any custom state on it.

Give me about 10 mins. I’m on my phone. Home soon and I’ll look on laptop

I’ll try again, you are setting a custom state on the Searchbox Search for your home. Can you go to that Searchbox, click on the i symbol on top and show me your custom state definition.

Ah I never knew thats where you set a custom state. I will input one now


But now when I try to click view property button, the data to send does not specify the custom state

I think I see the issue but will confirm when I get home in a few minutes. The custom state is of type Geographic Address (same as the Searchbox). Your page is of type Property which is a data table. You can not reference data to send to a page unless it is the same type as the page. Does that help you? Ping back if that helps you and let me know if you still need me to look.

Let me use some some user stories and bug templates to help better explain the expected functionality:

User Story - As a user, I want to search a property from the home page, and click a button to take me to the input properties specific detail page.

Expected Results - When I type in an address in the searchbox it should

  1. Create a property using that address, IF the property does not already exist with that address
  2. show a button “view”
  3. Allow the user to click “view” and be taken to the searchbox’s input address property page.

Current Results - When I type in an address in the searchbox it

  1. Creates a property using that address, IF the property does not already exist with that address
  2. shows a button “view”
  3. Does not allow the user to view the input searchbox’s addresses property page.

Yes, I know. That is because the Property’s Page is of type Property (a record in a data table) and the Searchbox and custom state are of type GeoAddress (the data table’s Address field’s type). You need to send the new Property record you create to the page not the geoAddress. I know you tried that with the Parent groups Property but it is currently blank.

So I would create a custom state on the View Button of type property. I would set that when the new Property record/thing is created. Then when the user clicks the view button you should be able to send the custom state. Another approach would be to use the workflow action Display Data for the Parent Group (which currently is blank) with the Data to Display set to the newly created Property record. That way you don’t need a custom state at all and can simply send the Parent group Property which would now have a value not be blank.

Thank you for your help…trying to understand this, I feel like a zoom would fix it in 2 minutes.

So when the input address is changed, it will check for the property and add it if the database does not have it already.

Then it sets the state of the view button to the result of step 1 of adding the property

Then I display the result of step 1’s property in the group as well?

No need to do both. Send me a Zoom PM and I’ll jump on-board

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