There was an error converting the address into a geographic location

There is a really annoying bug in bubble when I am specifying a dynamic value for a property that is of “geographic location” type.

Consider a custom state named “location” with type “geographic location”. I wish to set the value of this state to the value of a state in a reusable element on the page.

When I am using a workflow to set the value of this state, and I click on the placeholder text that reads “Click”, typing the name of a reusable element does not auto-complete like it normally does.

I have to manually scroll down the list to find the reusable element name and click on it, which immediately results in this dialog:

This is so annoying, as I had no intention of trying to set the value as the reusable element itself. Every time this happens, I need to dismiss this silly error dialog and then click the state of the reusable element that I intended to use, sometimes requiring multiple clicks.

Is this a known issue?

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Having this same bug happen. On a searchbox that was working fine. I made a change recently that didn’t affect data and this started happening.

As far as I can tell, bubble indiscriminately decides to query the geolocation API with the content, regardless of whether it is appropriate to do so. Once it gets the idea that you are entering dynamic data, it seems to stop doing this, but initially it looks at your first token of the dynamic statement and freaks out that it does not resolve to an address.

Please fix this.