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Sending text to page that's expecting an image

So, I’m very new to this and am just trying to learn. I built something with the Unsplash API where when you type in my search box its pulls images from Unsplash. That works fine but I am trying to make it so that when I click on the image it brings me to another page to show the image full size. I created a new page, set the type of content to image, then added a box for the image and input ‘current page image’s picture’. Then I went back to my homepage and am trying to add a workflow so that when I click on the image it sends the cells data to the other page and allows me to view it Fullsize. I put destination ‘image’ and data to send ‘Current Cells API Call Result’s URL Regular’ and I have this error: Go to page image: Data to send should be image but right now it is text." It makes sense that it wouldn’t be able to send the url(text) because it is expecting something else(an image). I’m just not sure how to make the send and receive the same. I thank you for taking the time to help me in advance!

Hello @jdusik25663 welcome to the community!