Unable to send image to the another page


Here I am sending the image to another page, for this, I am navigating body page’s data to the design_page. I have seen in the Bubble Lesson how to send page data to another page.

I am showing the images in the Repeating group. When I am putting the data(Current cell’s Body’s front image) in the ‘Data to send’ field, it is demanding me to also select the option from these drop down values(see in the attached image). I have no idea how to deal with this.

Can body help me out with this?

Hi! In order to send data from one page to another you need to change the type of data of the destination page.
Practical example: you have a “login page” and after log the user you want to send the user info to the “profile page”. In order to do this you select “user” as the profile page data type. Then you will be able to send the user info from the “login page” to the “profile page” with the method you are using. That way in the “profile page” you will be able to use in text fields or whatever expressions like: “current page user name, email, etc”.

In your specific case you need to change the data type of the destination page to “body” and that way you will be able to send the image alongside all the info of the body

Another method is to send te URL of the image as a URL parameter and then in the new page pull the URL of the image from the main URL of the website and display it in an image element :slight_smile:

Thanks, @Bluflame_Labs for your valuable reply.

In my specific case, I am giving “body” as the type of content for the destination page ‘design_page’. And in the workflow, where I am having the problem is in the “Data to send” field. Here you can see in the attached image, the yellow text is not acceptable. Where am I doing wrong?

Got it, then send the whole body to the destination page and in the destination page use: “current page Body front image” wherever you need it in that page :slight_smile:

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Cool, that worked for me. You are amazing @Bluflame_Labs :metal::+1:

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