Mixpanel implementation

I have followed the tutorials on how to set up the Mixpanel plugin. However, Mixpanel is not receiving the events and I cannot figure out why.

  • I have triple checked the Token and API secret for the project I’m using in Mixpanel.
  • I set up the event to send an event to Mixpanel in my workflow. Seems straightforward.
  • I checked the network console and it doesn’t look like there are any requests being sent to Mixpanel but I could be wrong.

I’m at a loss as to how to debug and figure this one out. Please help!

I also found that many Mixpanel actions were not being logged. It seems that many if not most browsers now have ad-blockers and Do Not Track features that will block Mixpanel events, because they are client side.

I have been having success using server-side tracking via Segment. Segment collects the data from Bubble server, then sends it to Mixpanel in order to create dashboards.

Mixpanel does have a server-side functionality, but I don’t think anyone has built a Bubble plugin to leverage it. So we have to use Segment as intermediary.


this is helpful. I think I’ll go that way. I definitely have ad blockers installed on my browser. Hadn’t even thought of that.

What I did is set up Freshpaint which sends events to any place you want including Mixpanel. You just need to add their HTML snippet to your header.

After that, you can add an action to Run javascript for every thing you want to track. Here’s an example:


For events on the backend, you can use the API connector too. It’s pretty simple but can book time on my Calendly if you need assistance: Calendly - Rod Danan

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Anyone around to help with my Mixpanel. I have just started to use Mixpanel, plus I’m a newbie to all of it. I have put all the Api & token in the right places in my bubble plugin. Do I need to implement data? As there is a warning sign at top of Mixpanel dashboard. Also do workflow? Any help be appreciated

Hi @inrooom !

If you are looking for a simple alternative to Mixpanel, we have just developed Lemonflow, an instant analytics platform dedicated to Bubblers.

With Lemonflow, you can easily:

  • Track user events from your Bubble app and see them in real time from the Lemonflow dashboard.
  • View the essential insights of your Bubble application (Top pages, top countries, total page views, etc… ) in one-page.

The installation is very simple and takes only a few minutes.
And as we are in early access, Lemonflow is totally free.

Here is the link of the plugin :

If you have any questions, do not hesitate :wink:

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Ok I’ll give it a go, is it hard set up as takes me awhile get use to it :grinning and does it track pages most important to me

Also how do I find it in the editor onced all installed?

The setup is very simple.

  1. You install the plugin and then create your account on Lemonflow ( https://app.lemonflow.io/ )

  2. You then go to Settings/Plugin from the Lemonflow dashboard and copy your client ID

  1. Finally, go to the Lemonflow plugin configuration tab on Bubble and paste your client ID

You can then track your events with the new action “Send an event to Lemonflow”.
You can set the following fields:

  • Name: name of the event

  • Tag: tag to group together similar category events ( Account, Onboarding, Messaging, … )

  • Additional properties: used to send custom attributes that will be stored with the event ( user name, pricing, etc… )

Here is an example of what you will see from the Lemonflow dashboard



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