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πŸ”Ž SEO Strategy for Bubble Web Applications β€” Full Guide

Hey Bubblers! :wave: :slightly_smiling_face:

How to get more awareness and traffic for your Bubble app? The answer is Search Engine Optimization. Many people think that it’s something very difficult, long and uncontrollable. But in fact, there are several rules that you can apply systematically, and get to the first page of Google without any magic.

Read our tutorial :point_right: SEO Strategy for Bubble Web Applications.

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Veronica Kornilova
Marketing Manager @ Zeroqode
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Thanks @veronica.kornilova1 . That’s a really useful article. I was building a app with a blog section and it took me ages to find all the relevant information and work out how to incorporate it into Bubble.

After finishing my app, I took what I had learnt and put it into a template…

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Thanks for sharing an important SEO strategy for Bubble Web Application.

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