SEO Best Practices with Bubble?

Hi Bubble Family,

I am looking for information around SEO best practices for your Bubble site? I keep finding older posts that suggest to build the front end marketing site in Webflow (like and have) and just use Bubble as the subdomain app. I am hesitant to use Webflow just for that if I don’t need to but I haven’t found information that provides clear SEO guidance for Bubble. Can anyone provide any info or guidance?


My template incorporates everything Bubble has to offer for SEO and makes best practice use of them all, plus some more complicated approaches to incorporate structured data.

This template also has a powerful CMS

Basics of Bubble SEO is that they offer the ability to add dynamic data on the page element for SEO/FB Title, Description, Image and Header

They also provide Header Tags for Text Elements

As well as Link elements

Screen Shot 2021-02-10 at 2.54.01 PM

SEO for the app as a whole and site maps in the settings tab under the SEO Tab

As well as Rich Text Editor Plugin to get more links in the body of text (useful for outbound links)

It is then up to you to make use of all those according to SEO best practices in general, so might need to do some research outside of the Bubble ecosystem into SEO.

If you are looking just to integrate a blog for content and SEO benefits, my template is the best thing out there for it and saves dozens of hours in development time, doesn’t require complex integration of 3rd party site or the extra cost of hosting a 3rd party site.


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