Uploading multiple individual images in an API workflow

Hey Bubblers,

Is it possible to let users upload multiple individual images and send it to the DB via an API workflow?

I set the parameters as “list/array” but when I try to get the data, I can only upload 1. I can’t gather all the uploaded images at once.


I tried to use custom states but it’s still the same, I can’t upload it all in one go


Also, is there a possible way to let Bubble go through each uploader and check if it has any value and only upload those who have something in it? I want to prevent “ghost data” as much as possible.

Will greatly appreciate any help! <3


I can only upload 1 each using " create a new thing" since it has an option to just add the data to the current list . But if I do this, I would need to create multiple workflows — making it slower for the user


Update: You can dynamically check if the uploader has value using conditions:


But there’s still no way to upload all images at once and check each uploader if there is value

hey @ntabs,

I don’t see why you need an API workflow for that. Do you have a static number of image uploaders? if yes, then simply save their values to an image list custom state you add to the parent group and when the user is done, they click a button that saves the custom state images to the product’s DB record in a single step workflow:

setting up the custom state

Save image to custom state

Save to DB on clicking the save button

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Hey @ntabs ,

give field type list of images to the image filed.
you can use the MultiFile Uploader plugin here.

just add the element.

and set workflow
(here i have created a repeating group which will show the images selected to upload)

for reference see this video if you need.

hope this will be your solution.


Really Awesome, you solved a problem facing me since yesterday… How to reset the data.

i am brand new here, a week ago. now i am able to use my customized dropdown selection included with search without a plugin at all.

Really Thank you

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Hi Hanan,

Thanks for always answering my questions,. you’re a life saver! You even recorded a video for me last time! <3

The reason why I wanted to do an API workflow is because I’m creating a new product with multiple fields and if I decided to add each of the images, it would take even longer for the workflow to finish. Moreover I was already doing an API workflow for the other fields so doing it in API was a no brainer for me.

But hey, this works too! Thanks again, @hanan1

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Hey, @Sart!

Appreciate the response. This does work as well. However, as much as possible, I want to only do it natively in Bubble. I’ll keep this tip in mind for my future builds, thanks!

Awesome, brother! I’m pretty new in Bubble myself. Feel free to reach out, I can probably give an insight or two — would be great to bounce ideas off each other :slight_smile:

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did you try it??
because i think this should work in native apps too.
and what plugin are you using for native app?

hey @arch.hany ,

glad to help you.

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