Seperate DEV, TEST, PROD Environments?

Hey Everyone!
Is there any way to have more than Development and Live environments for applications?
We would like to have a separate test environment where we can do the testing properly before deploying the changes on prod.

I believe this question has already been asked before, and the feature exists in some plans, I think. Can someone please share some details about this?

Thank you!

Do you mean a separate test database? If you need different app versions you can use Branches but they all share the same test database.

I meant a separate test environment where we can deploy changes before putting them on live.

Yes, I think this is what you mean: Version control - Bubble Docs

No, not at all. I am not talking about having more environments other than live.
Currently, if you want to deploy your changes and check as a 3rd person, the only way this can be done, is by deploying them on live and testing them, right?

It would be good to have an environment “Dev”, where we can deploy all the changes and test them, before putting them live.

What’s wrong with Preview?

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Yes. It’s a dev space to work upon, and using “Preview” we can check/test those changes.

However, once you are done, what happens? One deployed “directly” to live, isn’t it? For others to see the features.

What I need here, is a TEST/UAT environment. Rather than deploying changes on LIVE, once done on DEV, I would like to test them. Probably, where multiple people can test them, and once it’s all good, we can put it on LIVE. I hope it’s clear now :slight_smile:

@ [ihsanzainal84]

just send a link to the dev build. maybe i dont understand

I don’t really understand what you need because that’s what I do with the “version-test” environment of my app. I just let a bunch of my testers login to their test accounts and play with the dev database. If I’m happy with the changes then I’ll just push to live.

If you want to have different test environments that’s what branches in the other plans are usually for.

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You are describing exactly the Version Control feature linked above by @vnihoul77

You can create a Staging environment above Test into which you can merge other feature branches or just develop directly if it’s a small team. Each environment has full separation from the others (including auth) although the database is shared across all non-live environments

So your testers will log into Main / Version-Test… you will work in Staging / other branches and merge your changes down. It’s identical to Git

@shareami I think you are asking if there is a test environment where the database is the live database (a copy of it). In bubble, you have only two database, test and live. You can have more than 2 branches, which you can build features and merge back to main dev branch but all branches use test database.

One approach you can use is the create test accounts on the live version and build features with experimental / test flag on it. It is much more work, but it is the only way to test an API call or a webhook on live app.

Thank you for your responses, everyone.
I appreciate your effort, I am still trying to understand how things work in Bubble.

I get that, after making the changes, we can do the testing with the “version-test”, which simply comes on clicking the preview, right?

I also understand, that by using the branch feature, we can separate the versions/changes after modifying the app.

However, I don’t think in our plan, which is basic, we have this feature to create test-accounts. At the moment, there are multiple people using the same credentials and doing the test with the “preview” feature. Can someone share more insights here, please?

Thank you for your help, Appreciate it.

What… you can create accounts in the /version-test environment…