DEV, TEST, UAT Environments

Hi, is there any way to have more than Development and Live environments for applications? This is really helpful and needed in for some larger companies and applications.


I second this.
The problem we’re experiencing since having deployed our application in live/production is that we miss:

  • a branch/environment where to experiment new features
  • an environment where to fix bugs and issues of features that have already been deployed

These two intents are currently intermixed in the development environment, leading to a fear of experimenting because then we’d lose the ability to quickly fix issues in production/live if for some reason we mess up.
In that case we could only restore from live, losing all progress on the other features we’re implementing or experimenting on.


Almost 5 years later this is still a huge problem. We can only get this feature if we pay 90$ more. Instead of 25$ it’s going to be 115$ which I find to be really annoying. This is such a critical feature that it should not be so highly priced away to the personal plan.

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