DEV, TEST, PROD Environments


Has anybody figured out how to operate with with a test environment that isn’t forced to take every dev update? I’ve thought about making a separate test copy of the app, but I don’t see an easy way to update the test environment from dev environment.

I want to be able to dev and dev-test in one environment, have a separate environment for testing that takes updates from dev periodically, and finally the production/live environment that only tested code is released into.

The big problem with standard bubble approach is that you can’t do things like run automation testing in preview mode because it’ll constantly break as developers work.


On the professional plan, you can create versions.

That is the behaviour you are looking for I think.

The editor is unique. The test dB is shared among versions.

The merge flow is buggy and on the list to be improved.


Thanks ZubairLK! Will try it out.

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