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Session keep alive

hi All :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’ve read similar posts, but can’t find one that answers my question completely, so here goes.

First time my app loads it works as expected. If I put the app in the background and come back to it a say an hour later, it would seem like the session has expired. The frontend still works, but anything backend related seems to be problematic. For example the data on the screen will be stale and click on buttons etc don’t work. The only way to get the app to work is to close the browser or reload the page, which is not ideal.

So few questions.

Is the behaviour I experience above normal?
Do users session expire and if so after how long?
How can one prevent this happening?

I also don’t want to log a user out when they become inactive, and this isn’t a great user experience. So I would prefer to find away to keep the users session alive while they are inactive.

Your thoughts will be appreciated.


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ho hum :cricket:


Did you try the following option?

thanks for the reply. Yes that is set, but I find that after the app has been asleep for a while the data on the frontend goes out of sync with data on backend…