Set a group's datasource via workflow

Hi Bubble forum,

I am trying to see if its possible to change a group’s datasource (not from a RP) via workflow after an entry option was clicked on a dropdown I made myself with help of another fantastic Bubble member.

The dropdown shows some entries from a RP and after a entry option is clicked I want to try to have some specific inputs in a group to be filled in automatically based on the chosen entry andd it’s data of the RP (in this case an email)

Would somehing like this be possible? below you can find a all access link to the app.
[Talentflows | Bubble Editor]

Some context on how to navigate in the app:
If you click the search Icon you will have a pop up and when you type in ‘Artist 1’’ in the search input some options shows up. when clicked on a option I would like to have the email input automatically filled in with the email address on the chosen entry.

Any support to point me in the right direction would be appreciated!

Yes it’s very simple - just use a ‘Display Data’ workflow action to display the current cell’s data in whatever group it is you want o display it in.

suprisingly easy, I don’t know why I didn’t thought of this :sweat_smile:

Thanks Adam!

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