Set cell height to 100% in RG

Hey there,

I’ve been going round in circles about this problem for 30 minutes… if anyone knows how to unblock it :slight_smile:

Here is what I have:

A main RG (column layout, 1 column, infinite lines), the content of lits lines are grouped in a Row group made of two groups:

  • 1 left group, fixed height 100% (so when the right block is higher, it goes bigger)
  • 1 right block : another RG (column layout, 1 column, infinite lines), fixed height 100% (so when the left block is higer, it is supposed to go bigger). The content of its lines are also grouped in a Row group with fixed height 100%

But here is my problem: when I have only one row displaying in the 2nd RG, the height of this row doesn’t go to 100% - it seems to stay as “fit to content”. When I have 2+ rows in that RG, no problem at all (see screenshot).

Any help would be very appreciated :slight_smile:

I tried to design what you described exactly. But it looks like even with one row of inner RG in the first row of the outer RG, it looks like expanding.

Am I missing anything? Please check the layout here yourself:

Hey @hergin , thanks for your answer. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work, I think I have too many groups and reusable in each RG…

I found a workaround though, with a conditional on the inner RG that sets the minimum row height to 100% when the RG’s count is 1.


I think the solution is just set a minimum height of 100% for the second RG (the nested one).