Set date for recurring event

I am trying to create a recurring event called competition which every week at 7pm London time creates a new “bidding competition” in my app (a new datatype)

How do I select in the date that it starts this Sunday at 7pm London time?

I cannot just paste a date here.
Is there no other way than to select that value in a date/time picker?
I cannot seem to input a date where it says “start date”


Hi joecordes21,

You can use the current date/time, you have to rounded down to week and add 6 days and 19 hours.


Once the recurring event Is triggered (by the first recurring event) do you need to trigger another recurring event, as above, for the event to follow seven days after the current one or is it that this should automatically recur every seven days once it’s set? So in affect you have a loop of recurring items after the current one is executed.

Its a bit confusing as I expected the scheduler to just schedule a repeating(recurring) event.

You just have to trigger the event once. You can see recurring events on Logs -> Scheduler (clicking on show)

thank you maxime!

The selected answer is one way to do things but it is incredibly limiting also. Check out this new element that ships alongside my calendar Plugin called the recurring event generator.

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