Set default value on a dropdown field to existing value in database?

Hi! I am wondering how I can get a dropdown on a form to have a default value from a database. There is a default value field in the settings for the drop down… but it won’t let me select “Parent Group’s Saas’s Category” … it makes me select something after that, and I’m not sure why?

Hi there,… what you have there looks reasonable. When you click away from the field and it turns red, what does the issue checker say?


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I probably posted this question too soon. I did a search for “select default dropdown” or something similar and found my answer. I think you actually answered a similar question for a different user… who posted the same thing twice a year apart. LOL. The problem was that I had a mismatch of a “text” field in the DB, and the input needed an “ordered list” (or something like that). It’s working as expected now. :slight_smile:

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