Set Dropdown Default Value by Database Value

I have a popup language selector that uses dropdowns:

Current implementation is static list, but I have built a languages option set, and will switch over to dynamic:

The language option set contains two fields, Display, and Emoji, these are displayed side-by-side in each dropdown option, with the emoji to the left of the Display text:


When a user clicks “OK” the Input and Output language Display values will be saved to User Database, and are accessible via:
Current User’s Input Language:value
Current User’s Output Language:value

How would I get the Dropdown’s default values to always match the DB Language values when the popup is triggered?
Current User’s Input Language:value
Current User’s Output Language:value

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Hey @blogshackltd

Just set the dropdown’s default value dynamically


Hope this helps

I realize that ntabs, but I cannot figure out the conditional argument needed to select the correct dropdown option, I am struggling to figure out how to search the option set then select the correct options emoji and display as the dropdowns default.

Hi there, @blogshackltd… in the Default value field, use the Get an option operator to get all of the options, add the :filtered operator to the expression so you can add constraints to get to the correct option, and then add the :first item operator to finish off the expression.



Nice one Mike, I was looking for a way to Search, I will try this now.


Hmm… not working, could it be because I am trying to match the option set’s display value against a dropdown choice that begins with an emoji?

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I don’t know if the emoji thing matters… try This Language is Current User's Input Language.

Yeah I already tried that, but the variable is red.

Well, what I have given you is the right way to do it, and without being able to poke around under the hood, I’m not sure why it’s not working.

Me Neither, I will keep trying, hopefully I can figure out why its not matching up, thanks Mike.

I think it might be looking for a complete match in the single option field, I will try copying and pasting the emoji into that field and see what happens.

Edit, Yeah it works when the emoji is in the options display field with This Language's Display contains Current User's Input Language as constraint.


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