Set Duration of a Quiz in a Study App

Hi Bubble Community!

So I’ve been working on a Learning Support Application of sorts for my final project. Bubble has been great so far. Here’s my problem:

In my App, Students can take quizzes. I want to be able to allow Teachers to set the time duration for each quiz. In my database, I have a duration field in my Quiz table with its data type as date.

How do I format the date values, say 15 minutes, in a dropdown for example for teachers to select and store in the database in the way that it can be retrieved later on and interpreted correctly during the quiz taking?

I doubt I can just pick a random unit like hour and enter 0.5 hours to represent 30 mins in the database. What is the appropriate way to go about this?

Thanks in advance!

You can use the bubble tools for selecting dates and then “+ hours, + minutes + days” functions to create a start and end time in your data base for the quiz

You may also find the air date and time droppers helpful in the user interface.

In the past i created in my database the intervals and used the milliseconds to do the time aspect

Learning about dates and times was a bit time consuming for me

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