Set my bubble ap to mobile native

I bought and reorganised an bubble template. I linked it to my website but now I want it also to work on my mobile with android.
I tried to use" bdk native -the bdk"
They said it was for free and now i see this

Hey @anon70120467,

This topic by @JohnMark might be of interest to you :blush:

2024 - 10 min. to build a free native iOS/Android app 🔷

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Hi at the moment I want to make my bubble app mobile friendly but I can’t get the repeating group below the other.

Normaly it looks like this


I managed to solve the problem myself. It starts to began to be fun.
I have another problem.
I have a footer. Can I hide it?

I want to hide the fooder in the mobile version.


Add a visibility condition for the footer : when page width size < 600, this element is visible unchecked

Thanks Christophe it worked

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Hi @anon70120467,

Another alternative, you can get your APK in no time with (Test or publication).


Thanks I will try it later
Great alternative

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Hey Sam,
A question. Do you kwow how to build a paywall. I want within a few months that my users pay 3 euro when they upload data. Do you know how and where in my workflow I have to install that? Does it work with paypall or something else? I allready installed an api workflow at “addlisting” to delete teh data after 60 days; is it afeter this step I could install another api workflow that function as a paywall?