Set relationship between data types in repeating groups?

Yes correct, but the Roles is an option set!

What’s the reason to maintain roles twice (having Role fields both in User and Kandidat)? Do you really need it?
If yes - you need to change role in both data types. You’ve made it for Kandidat, now you should create another Wf action to update the role for User.

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No i thought i needed to have Roles in them both, if i only have it in the USER how do i display it in the POP UP? And how would i change it with make change

If your User and Kandidat are connected (from your first message it seems you have a User field (type User) in Kandidat data type.
So in RG:

  1. Do a search for Kandidats
  2. While clicking on a button in a cell - open a popup and display data “current cells Kandidat”
  3. In pop-up add a dropdown (or other element to choose a role from a list). Data source - “parent groups Kandidat’s User’role”.
  4. After changing the role → click “save” button (wf action change “parent groups Kandidat’s User’role” = dropdown value")

p.s. that’s an exemplary way, can’t check it right now in my sandbox, but should work.

I can’t seem to get it to work? I can not leave it as parent groups Kandidat’s User’role it wants me to add something more behind it?

Just choose that 's Display option :slight_smile:
Any new Option Set has 1 default attribute called “Display”, but you can create additional. So you need to tell Bubble which attribute you are referencing.

I need to have something after display apparently? :frowning:

What does issue checker tell yo about it?

Here is what it’s telling me:
Screenshot 2023-03-01 at 10.11.51

Your drop-down choices type is ‘Kandidat’, so the data source must be a list of ‘Kandidats’.

Currently is a list of texts…

They need to be the same type.

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How would i go about doing that? Where do i have to change that? My roles are option sets

For the dropdown A (used for role selection) change the type of choices from Kandidat to Roles. You need not a list of Kandidats but a Role.

Why are they all blank? :rofl:

Choice source should be not you Roles option set but “Parent’s group’s Kandidat’s user’s Role’s Display” (like on your previous screenshot where you had wrong Type of choices).
And option caption (next field after choice source) - role’s Display.

Its still a red box asking for something else after display?

What issue checker attacks you with now? :slight_smile:

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Okey i give up on that part for now, i just want a button when it’s clicked it sets the users role to “Banned” and this is the workflow i have but it’s not changing?

Why are they all blank? :rofl:

The dropdown will display whatever you set as the Option Caption.

You haven’t set anything as the Options Caption, which is why nothing is displaying.

You seem a bןt confused as to how Dropdown elements work…

So I’d recommend reading the manual first to get to grips with the basics:

Input Forms - Bubble Docs

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Thanks will take a look at that!

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