Set state (number) from RG index# of item matching current cells item on different RG

I have a group on the page that floats and gets its source (its thing) from Multiple RG’s within the page, in other words: the user can select the same item from a variety of Lists throughout the page.

And i have the data source of this group to: "RG X’s item# “custom state” (number) because i have a Next and Previous Button so the user can scroll through without going to the RG Again.

But the problem is, as i said, that i want to be able to send the thing from several RG’s and they all have different Sorting which means that the index# will be different, and i want the Next/Previous buttons to follow the main “RG X” sorting.

How could i tell bubble that when an item is selected in one of the other RG’s it should send the custom state the index# of the item from RG X of the same thing of the selected item in this RG?

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