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I have a case where every user can buy a product. Let’s imagine that this product is a newsletter. So user after he bought your product, should pick the time where he would receive the e-mails. Every e-mail should be sent every day but at a specific time for every user. There is a possibility to pick hours between 8 AM - 8 PM . So there could be 100 users with different hours picked. I need to send an email at the specific time that users selected before.

Do you know if the is able to handle this case?


Your link dont work?

I just wanted to mention the tool :smiley:

Ah ok.

Yeah - set a backend workflow. Probably just have one back end task that wakes up reasonably often, figures out who needs a message - then sends it.

Take a look at Scheduled Workflows - Bubble Docs

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I need to send all of the e-mails at a specific time. If the user selected time f.e. 15:30, he should receive an e-mail at 15:30. It could be 48 times (pessimistic) when the e-mails should send, every day

It is possible to set some job to be checking the table in the database every minute then do some action?

Did you look at the link i sent?

Yep, but I don’t get it how it works.

I should set new recurring event with daily frequency and set the start date f.e. at the begging of the day (00:01). Then in the next action, I should take those emails from the database that I need to send on a specific day?

At the end of this article, there are logs with behavior that I am searching for but have no idea how to set it to that behavior.

Could you clarify how to achieve it?

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