Set up calls and to test the URLs fails

I have developed an AWS Cognito Subscribe/Login Plugin that authenticates with Oauth2 user agent flow and Added redirect URL below to allowed URL’s in Cognito according to this info:

"You haven’t authenticated with AWS Cognito yet. You need to do this first to setup calls and to test the URLs.

Please make sure the app defined in AWS Cognito has the following callback URL

(if you cannot use parameters in the callback URL, click here before authenticating"

But when I authenticate it, I got this Error:

{“statusCode”:400,“body”:{“status”:“ERROR”,“message”:“Redirect ID invalid”},“args”:{“bubble_code”:“1539648413514x997659481363371000”}}

This is the offending URL:

It seems that the redirect URL is longer then the one bubble want me to use.

An GET auth call to AWS works in the web browser and postman: