Auth redirect trouble


I’m building a custom Slack plugin because I need some capabilities that the official Slack plugin doesn’t support.

I started using the API Connector plugin and was able to get auth and a few calls working. Now I want to move what I’ve done so far into a plugin so I can extend the functionality and reuse it. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  1. I copy/pasted the auth configuration and calls from my API Connector setup into the “API calls” tab of the plugin I created.
  2. I added the new plugin specific redirect URL to the list of redirect urls accepted by my Slack app and double checked that it’s correct.
  3. I clicked the “Authenticate” button on my plugin’s “Auth calls” tab to auth so that I can initialize my API calls.

When I click the Authenticate button, I’m taken to the Slack auth flow as expected. I auth and I’m redirected back to a Bubble plugin page, but it’s totally blank. (See attached image below). Clicking the tabs doesn’t do anything. Reloading the page does get me back to my plugin, but it still says I need to auth before I can initialize the calls.

Has anyone seen this before? Any idea what I can do to get the auth redirect to work correctly?

Which redirect url are your using?
Why do you create plugin instead of using API Connector?

Hi Jici,

The redirect URL comes from the plugin page. It’s<id>?tab=tabs-3 where <id> is the unique id of my plugin.

I tried the URL both before and after clicking the link (which is very hidden!) in the sentence lower on the page that reads (if you cannot use parameters in the callback URL, click here before authenticating).

As far as why, I thought it would be cleaner and easier to reuse if the logic was all wrapped up in a plugin, but so far I’m continuing to use the API Connector because I can’t get the plugin to work.

You can use plugin with the API connector, but you should use the bubble redirect url and not the browser url. Can you sharenwhat you have set in plugin?