Set up cookie for visitor

hi all, maybe this is old but i still don’t get how to set up cookie to my visitor.
i read many thread relate to this but still confused to set.

so far what im doing is :

  1. (i have cookie banner with “accept” and “reject” button)
  • i create field in my database user called cookies with yes/no values.
  • on page load workflow:
    i add the condition when current user cookies is No → show pop up cookie banner.
  • when user click on accept button → make changes to current user → cookies = YES. then Opt-in cookies → hide pop up.
  • when user click on REJECT button → Opt-out → hide pop up.

issue :

  1. my cookie banner is still showing when the page is refresh
  2. since the user is just visit and not login/sign up make change to current user isn’t make any change.

Question :

  1. how the best way i create my workflow to cookie?

or if any otherway can you suggest me?

and the result is cookie banner is still showing everytime the page is refresh.

thank you in advance.

Hi ,

Just a preliminary check: what is the action launched by this (orange circled) workflow?

that is a animate element to make my a web more dynamic

I see.

This is very strange. Actually, the system does make changes to the current user not yet authenticated (even when cookies are excluded in general setting). Then, if the user authenticates (login/signup) by the session timeout, the changes made meanwhile will be joined to the user db.

I would doublecheck the whole thing, putting a text element on the page displaying the value of the “current user > opt-in” field. I have just made it for test (see below screenshot): once a new user land on a page, the system is able to display its creation date, and when you make a changes to this user, the system store the change and display it to you:

Tested it in my environment, and it does not appear anymore once the condition is met.


I would say that your set up concept is correct (at least I have replicated it and it does work: so probably there is something to fix in the properties of the various elements/actions.


ya, still don’t know what happen,
any other way to set this? with custom javascript or anything?

btw thanks for your help.

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