Setting A Time using Auto Binding

We’re running an in-app timeline manager for wedding clients (users) our issue is that the events are happening on the same day so the only data point we need to edit is the time.

We considered making it a text data point, however, we sort using the date.

We have currently tried the following;

However, both of them give the following error;

For context here’s how that’s supposed to be setup;

Any advice here? Thanks. @emmanuel @seanhoots

Also, for added context here are our settings for the Air Time/Date Picker;

note: I would share access to the app, however, our app is currently having a deployment issue which bubble support hasn’t gotten back to us about. :-1:

I don’t follow. What’s the error and can you be clear what you’re trying to do?
Are you saying the Air Date/Time picker auto-binding doesn’t work ?

Hi @seanhoots, the auto binding is pushing the input into a disabled stage.

Here’s how it’s looking;

Here’s a link ccclients | Bubble Editor (it’s nestled in the hidden group named “Timeline Event Full”)

Thanks, @seanhoots! I appreciate the help!!! :slight_smile:

check out this post i put up recently

it is not autobind, but close enough

Thanks @boston85719.

@seanhoots - any reason the auto binding isn’t working in this use case?


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