Setting an "Email already taken" message for my waitlist

I have been using this conditional to toggle this text box visibility (see picture). However, it is happenning that since step 1 in the worklflow is to create the new founder, the founder gets created and then the text box detects the email typed in the input box as an already taken email so it gets visible, even though that email was not on the database before the user typed it in. So basically the text box is getting visible always.

Any solutions? Thanks!

You can use conditionnal in the Element instead of in a workflow.
Set the same condition in the conditionnal and use the This element is visible checkbox
But there’s a lot of chance that the user press on the button faster than the condition display the field because most of the time, the value update when user get out of the field (so probably by pressing the button

another option is always having this text hidden and it being put to shown in step 1 of clicking " Become a founder", only when your conditional is true"

then going to workflows, clicking empty box, selecting "when an inputs value is changed and hiding the text if the condition is false again.

Yes, actually the text box visibility conditional is in the element, not the workflow.

The conditional that is in the workflow is the conditional for creating a new “founder” (create a new thing only when “Search for Founder’s email contains input enter email adress’s value”).

The problem is that once the user clicks to create a new founder, the text box detects this new email as an existing email (because it have just been created) and it displays the “email already taken” message. So what I want is for the visibility conditional to be checked before the user creates the new thing, otherwise the text box visibility will be always activated by the new users.

Put a conditional on the workflow that says do a search for founders:count=0 (constraint email=input email address).

This will check the founders data type (table) for any founder with an email that matches the input email address, if it finds 0 (i.e. count=0) then it will create the user if not it will skip this event


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so putting it together, kind of like this:

with actions for each case.

Thanks, that I got it.

The problem is to display the “email already taken” message when it has to be displayed because right now it is being displayed always.

The visibility conditional is identifying the typed email as “already taken” as soon as the user clicks the “become founder” button because the new thing is created so their email is saved in the database so now “it is already taken”.

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Thanks! But, the “current user” functionalities are not available here because I don’t have the sign up system, I’m just creating a wait list that only collects emails. So there are no “currents users”, there are “founders” (data type) with email address

substitute current user with the condition you posted at the start :wink: once when met, once when not.

Thank you! But it doesn’t solves the problem of the text box going visible as soon as a new “founder” is created :unamused:. It is simply detecting the new “founder’s” email as an already taken email.

I mean, it is not wrong, it is doing what the logic says, I just need it to not consider the email that was just created, it would be great if there was some way to tell the visibility conditional of the text box to stop searching for emails after the “become a founder” button is clicked.

Put it in a group and hide the group when the button is pressed

Thanks! But if I do that, the “email already taken” text box will hide always, including when it is intended to show. So it won´t show when the button is pressed and the email was actually already taken. :unamused:

Use a custom state “signed up” on the input and set default to “no”. When the button is pressed, set the custom element to yes if the email is not found. Then add the user to the list. Hide the group conditionally if the custom element is yes. This way, even after the user is added to the DB, the custom state won’t change itself automatically and the group will still stay hidden

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You did it! Thanks

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