Setting Placeholder dynamically

Hi there.
Is there a way to set dynamically the placeholder in a DateTimePicker ?
How can we make it language sensitive ?

Yes…it is the same way you make any value dynamic, by using a dynamic expression…have you tried clicking into the Placeholder input area and clicking the blue button for add dynamic expression?

Hi @boston85719.
I don’t get the “Add dynamic expression” on Placeholder of Date/TimePicker.
In fact, I don’t get the “Add dynamic expression” on Input, either.
I’m on version 27 from Nov 7, 2023.
Could it be because I’m on the free plan ?
I’m new to bubble and I’m trying it before subscribing.
Thanks very much,

Yeah, it looks like you’re correct…

It’s not possible to set a dynamic placeholder with the Bubble date/time picker.

Not sure if that’s always been the case… and I’ve got no idea why (it’s possible on every other type of input element).

So it’s probably just an oversight on Bubble’s part.

In fact, I don’t get the “Add dynamic expression” on Input, either.

You should definitely be able to add a dynamic placeholder to a regular Input element, so if you can’t in your case, I’d file a bug report for that.

Hi Adam.
Yes, you’re right - on Input element Placeholder can be dynamic.
On the Date/TimePicker do you recomend any alternatives like using another element from available plugins ?
Thanks for your help.

On Bubble date time picker just set the initial content value dynamically which will basically be a placeholder…if you want a better date time picker use the free plugin air date/time picker, which does have a placeholder

Screen Shot 2023-11-08 at 7.50.02 PM
Screen Shot 2023-11-08 at 7.49.51 PM

Thank you @boston85719 !
I’ll look into this plugin.

Hi @boston85719, @adamhholmes.
The “Initial content” approach doesn’t work for me because the placeholder I want to set is not a date, it is the name of the field e.g. “birthday”.
As for the plugin doesn’t work for me, either, because it’s not sensitive to the current language and uses a specific implementation of a limited set of languages (set by a property “locale”). In my case I need to have “Catalán” which is not supported.
So, I’ll try to ask bubble to implement the dynamic espression in their standard Date/Time Picker because this one does implement full internationalization and supports catalan - ca_es.
Thank you both for your help.

Good luck with getting that request implemented any time soon.

In the meantime, what you can do then is to put the date/time picker into a group and make that group layout type be align to parent. Then add to that group a text element. Make the text element bring to front and the date/picker send to back so the text element essentially overlays the date/time picker.

Use that text element as your placeholder. You’ll then need to have a workflow action to set focus on the date/time picker when the text element is clicked so the date/time picker opens.

You’ll need a conditional on the text element to not be visible when the date/time picker value is not empty.

Hi @boston85719.
You’re right, apparently this problem was already raised and doesn’t look like it will be solved anytime soon…
So, I followed your suggestion and it is working perfectly.
Thank you very much.

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No worries, glad the suggestion worked. Feel free to mark it as a solution so other users who come across this thread know there is a working solution available.