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Setting state of elements within repeating group

I’m unable to access nested elements in the “set state” action.

Any workarounds?


you can work with custom states and reusable elements to overcome this issue:

Here is one video where I show this with a menu icon. The logic behind is the same:

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i tried it with a reusable group as well but unfortunately it still doesn’t show up as an element in the “set state” workflow.

i’m stumped!

What are you trying to accomplish?

alright, so i have an rg that displays the price of a particular coin. i want to build a workflow that refreshes the price every 5 minutes (calls api).

i’ve tried to approach this by using custom states, however setting custom states for elements in an rg doesn’t seem possible

Ah ok, the easiest thing to do is to use field Data source in the settings of the RG to do a search for data in the database/data types. If you do this, the data in the RG will be automatically updated. Use a scheduled backend workflow to trigger the api to update the DB and the RG should reflect these updates. See the example below for the setting of the RG. Another benefit of this option is that will keep the scroll position, selections you made, the values of input fields you changed (like a checkbox etc.) etc…

Another option might be to use the action “Display list” , this way it will refresh the data but you will probably lose scroll position (not sure), selections you have made etc…


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