Setting up stripe webhook with postman not working

Hope somebody can help me out. I am stuck!

I am trying to get a webhook endpoint to work with postman. The “send test webhook” functionality at Stripe does not work because Stripe sends incomplete data. (allready discussed with Stripe).

Why is it that I can perfectly set up a webhook with postman and test, but when Stripe sends it’s webhook no data is received. Stripe receives a succes call of the bubble endpoint and the endpoint creates an invoice, but there is zero data filled in the database.

Is this because Bubble registeres essential parameters during the initial test? (In this case, maybe Bubble registered that the webhook should come from postman?

Another problem I have is that I cannot save a modified JSON data. Bubble says it’s saving but when I open up the same original data is there.

JSON data can now be saved. Bubble pushed a fix.

Anyone who can explain this behaviour?

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