Share content like this [Help]

Hello, I can do something like this?
the idea is taken from the social network

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Are you trying to recreate that setup/formatting in Bubble (an image with a dynamic title and description)?

The image shows a publication of facebook and I like to do something similar to my users to share content.

Are you interested in formatting your apps’s content so it’s shared like that on Facebook? Or do you want Users in your app to share content within your app, and have it displayed in that way to one another?

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The format shown is an idea of how I want the content shared on facebook bubble show.

Ok :slight_smile: I think what you’re looking for is Facebook’s Open Graph settings. This thread, and @pnodseth’s answer explain how to do this by changing the content of the page header here:



This thread also discusses this:


I have tried to use this method but it does not work with the plug-share offering bubble.

Hmm, can you share a link to your app so I can see what you are trying to do?