Sharing cell contents of repeating group on FB, Twitter etc

I’m building a social media kind of tool.

I have my repeating groups working great, with posts from different users. However, I’m not sure of how to go about making sharing the contents of a particular cell in a repeating group possible, on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc…


This is a perfect use case for our Bubble-built plugin AddToAny Share Buttons. This plugin provides an element that when clicked or tapped will open a sharing dialog to share a link you can dynamically define to one of many social media platforms available as options in the element’s properties. Search for “addtoany” in the add plugin menu in your editor and it should be the top result!

This could be used to share a link directly back to your app and directly back to the contents of the cell. You could even have a specific page for sharing that would display the contents of the single cell a little like how you can link to specific tweets on twitter and continue browsing from there.

Hope this helps!

Thanks, much colin. Will check this out.

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