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Sharing an article link

Hi, this might seem pretty basic, but I wanted to attached a list of Articles to my user. Basically each user would have a bunch of articles and other web pages attached to it. I wanted to see if its possible for the the list of articles links to be displayed on the page in an expanded form: like articles are displayed in Apple News (e.g: piece of text and the title of the article --maybe a picture attached as well)…

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!

Create an Article type, with name, image, URL fields etc. Create a repeating group to display 'em.


Thanks for the help @csfalcao. I had another quick question. If a user wants to share an “Article” from the list of articles that are attached to the user with another user, would you have some ideas around it?

For each user I was trying to see if i could get the data source for the repeating group for a user to be another user’s article list, but I think I might be confusing myself a little here. Thanks!

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Best in mind that every “thing” in Bubble has a Created By as default. So you can find articles created by a user by adding this as a constraint.

So to show a list of articles from another user, you would need to add the user to the constraint. You could do this by showing a list, or drop down, of other users. Then use the user to constrain the repeating group.

Thanks Nigel! This makes a lot of sense! Additionally, if I want to show user A an article shared by user B only with User A, would you have any ideas around that too? So if I want to share an article with you and not with everyone else. I have a list of things “List of Friends” attached to each user.

By sharing I would do - “add current article to “x” user’s article list, from: current user” so an article is added (shared) from you

This is fairly complex to do, but certainly possible.

Bear in mind this is made more complex by “friends” not being asymetric here !

So on the user I have a list of users that have marked this user as a friend = “in_friends_list”.

So this pulls out the “private” locations created by users that have allowed current user access and are not created by the current user.

Although that does it at a User level, not an Article level. So useful if you want ANY article shared by User B to be seen by User A. If it is a single one, then you could add to the list as above.

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Thanks! @csfalcao. So to add it to the current user’s selected friend’s article list, i create it as a new “thing”. Howver, I am struggling to find a way to add the new thing to a selected friend’s list of articles.

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You probably want “Make Changes to a List of Things”. Where the list is the list of selected friends (so a list of Users).

Then do the add on that operation.

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