SheetJS (XLSX, CSV, JSON, TXT and more)

SheetJS is a tool for Bubble that empowers you to create, edit and convert spreadsheet files such as XLSX, CSV, JSON, TXT and XLSM. With over 20 supported spreadsheet formats. You can download it directly to your user’s browser, or save it to your database. Its completely client-side, use no API.

You can create complex reports for your users, complete with multiple tabs!

SheetJS dynamically generates XLSX files and provides the standard browser download option (save as / open with).

What it does:

  • Create a spreadsheet from scratch
  • Edit workbook properties
  • Import a spreadsheet file like XLSX or BIFF
  • Modify your spreadsheet cells
  • Utilize formulas
  • Export your spreadsheet as a downloadable file
  • Save a spreadsheet to your database
  • Convert between more than 20+ spreadsheet formats

The plugin offers comprehensive documentation and interactive demos that will help you!

:link: Plugin editor: SheetJS Plugin Docs | Bubble Editor
:books: Plugin documentation:
:dart: Plugin demos: