Sheetsu plugin auth

calls for username and password as api key. the guys at sheetsu couldnt tell me what that is. looks like basic auth but they verify their account through google. no password is created. im stuck!


same here.


Doesn’t look like they are anything to do with Sheetsu, they are plugin keys.

Not speaking directly in regards to the plug-in but the last time I checked… the sheetsu api endpoint is an unauthenticated.
Pretty sure that once you authenticate with your Google login and connect up your Google spreadsheet the resulting jSON is just publicly available

Then again possibly wrong… Struck me as a bit of an issue that if I’m writing data back to sheetsu in theory is publicly available

It is unauthenticated by default, but you can make it basic auth.

However the plugin does not allow for this.

So suggest you either get in touch with Zeroquode or just build it yourself in the API connector.

Wasn’t entirely sure how you get the right columns when using the plugin anyway, as you need to do at least one call to get the data structure.

@NigelG thats what i did. i find that a lot of the plugins won’t do exactly what i need them to do but the fact that bubble (and the plugin authors) make the plugin code(?) accessible is awesome. the api connector plugin lets us build our own functionality as we use other plugins as reference . didnt do that with sheetsu because we found a different solution, but we have built a whole suite of mautic calls after looking through how other plugins worked

that by itself lets us know we made the right decision to do this current project 100%(ish) in the bubble

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