Shift position hide/show

Hi, i have 4 text item EN IT ES DE they show conditionally based on what is saved in 4 field in DB

How i can shift position if one of that is hide?
At the moment i got

EN - - DE

Thanks in advance

no one can help?

Rather than your text input including - - (dashes) use this.

Do search for type:join by -

Tanks but - are just spaces (the place of hide elements)

Try putting your text element inside a repeating group (1 element inside the cell to display the text based on the database entries).

That way you will only display those that are not hidden, and there will be no gaps between them where the hidden entries would be (as there are if you use a regular group, or just use text elements).

Thanks but in db i have for fields in user table langEN langIT LangFR Lang DE using repeating group how i can?

Simplest way…

  • Create an option set for your languages

  • Add a list field (of the option set) on your datatype

  • Then simply display the datatype’s list of languages on the page - you could use a repeating group for this (with 1 row, and however many columns as per how many language options you have etc.)

Although, if you’re only displaying text you don’t even need to use an RG - it would be easier to either just display the list as it is (i.e. with a comma delimiter), or you can us the ‘Format as Text’ expression to format the list however you like.

is what im doing but in this case left space inn hide positio element


There won’t be any spaces if you’re displaying a list.

From what you described you’re not using a list - it sounds as though you’re using individual text elements to display each option based on conditionals.

That’s why there are spaces where the hidden ones are.

Using a list will only display the items in the list, so there won’t be any gaps.

So if, for example your User datatype has a field for a list of languages, and a User has 2 languages on their list (EN and DE), then referencing that User’s list of languages in a text box will display: EN, DE (with no spaces where other languages would be - because they aren’t on the list).

The default delimiter for lists as a text is a comma (,) so if you want to format the list some other way use ‘Format as Text’ then you can set whatever delimiter you like to separate entries. e.g.


Or however you want to format the list. But there won’t be any gaps, as you’ll only be displaying the items in the User’s list.

Thanks Adam for your help im going to try (im very newbie to bubble)


“Add a list field (of the option set) on your datatype”

this mean i have to remove the 4 field in user langDE, langEN…

and add just one: language


Yes, that’s the best thing to do, and will make things much simpler.

You could use 4 separate fields instead (as you already are) but it will be much harder to work with those and filter the data etc. (you’ll need a lot of conditionals).

So the simplest way is just to have one (list) field for languages, and add the languages to that.

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