Find/replace and repeating group

I have a repeating group that displays current cell text (not a list). Each text contains placeholders like {{abc}}, {{def}}. I have 4 inputs and when a user enters something (no button) I want to change the placeholder to the input value. It should only be replaced when the input value is not empty. If it is empty then display the placeholder. I don’t want to save the input value to the database because of the nature of the application.

tried almost everything I know and the problems I’m facing are:

  1. It only changes when all fields are not empty.
  2. If I use or operator then if one input value is not empty it will replace all (other placeholders)
  3. tried to use javascript but didn’t work

Any help would be highly appreciated

For a better understanding I am sharing screenshots

Screenshot from 2023-09-30 17-27-15


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You can try something like when input value is changed run some javascript

I know the basics. Thanks for the help

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