Should I use URL parameters, custom states or both? (for Single Page Web & Mobile App)

How should I go about setting up “page redirects” in my single page bubble app, given that I plan on launching it as both a web app and a native mobile app?

This article recommends using URL parameters, and I agree with the points they are making Single Page Apps in without code
But this one says it’s best to avoid URL parameters if you’re building a native app Bubble tips and tricks for native

Will using URL parameters hurt my chances of getting my app approved on the app store?
Should I have two separate Single Page Apps, one that uses URL parameters (for web users) and one that uses custom states (for mobile users)?

personally, i have one page for mobile, which is setup as a PWA (progressive Web App) and the other is a single page app for desktop users. For navigation between groups or “pages” rather, I use custom states on the mobile app, and url parameters for desktop users… this works great for my use-case so far.

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