Show a file instead of downloading it


How can I show a file from my database in a popup or a new tab instead of downloading it?
I have tried doing it like this:

and this:

and with a custom state to preview it in a popup:

The popup doesn´t show anything. And the two. other methods just download the file.

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Add https: prior to the file url which starts with //

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I did this:

The file is still downloading.

Remove //

I removed the // It is still downloading.

What type of file is it?

a pdf :slight_smile:

It may have permissions.

Try doing this with a pdf that you know does not have anything. Create a google sheet or doc with full access and download it as a pdf. Use this pdf in your testing.

Thanks! That didn´t work either…

This plugin should do the trick. @Thimo works magic! :smiley:

Thank you! I did this:

but then, this happened:

I also tried this, but the file is still downloading.

Have you tried simply using the Open an external website workflow action with the File’s Url and the ‘Open in a new tab’ checkbox ticked?

The open in a new tab funcationality has been added not too long ago and it makes all these plugins obsolete. They probably should have announced it louder :sweat_smile:

If that doesn’t work then its probably a problem with permissions.

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