Hide after page load

posting this for those who were lost like me

i just figured out how to hide a loading screen or loading bar AFTER the page is loaded.

you can do this with im sure any type of element

page condition “when page is loaded”, show popup/group/whatever
when condition is true, "when page is loaded (entire), hide the element

there, was that so hard? lol

and im guessing when page is loaded (above fold) is the same thing as (entire) but it will hide when what you are viewing is loaded. but it doesnt fit any of my use cases right now

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is this a Question or Comment?

i posted this as a comment under “showcase” with this title because when i was searching for something like this there was no answer. so i made an answer

That’s good, thank you for providing an answer. It makes me wonder, this may work for repeating groups loading, I haven’t tried it yet but I might try adding a spinner which disappears once the repeating group has fully loaded, ie, “when page is loaded (entire)”.

exactly. im creating a project propsal app, and the load times on larger projects is long.

so create a popup, put a spinner in it, make the popup transparent

then use the conditional “when page is loaded” to show the popup
and then another "do when condition is true, page is loaded (entire) hide the popup. the popup will hide when all the data is loaded and all the repeating groups are ready to go.

you dont need to specifically link it to page load for an action regarding a single repeating group.
i would link that to an action in the workflow to show and hide the spinner

update. this is no longer working right now

the popup flahes (shows then hides) and then it shows again. and the trigger to make it hide doesnt happen