Show Date Extract Month as Text

How do I show the Date Extract Month as Text. At the moment it returns a number as in 1 - 12. I want it so show January or February etc

Would it work for you to add conditions for the months? When extract:month = 9 > September.

You might need to change the text to input field though…

Use a Custom formatting and enter mmmm.


Of course

Thanks for your response @vincent56 and @NigelG but I can not get either of those options to work in my scenario. I am trying to show a report of expenses by month. So in the workflow for the Expense when I create a new expense one of my fields is month


So when I build the repeating group to show the report the content for the repeating group is “number” (anything else comes up as an error and keeps asking me to change the type of content to “number”)


The amount for the month comes from a search for the expenses constrained to a month (which is the extract from the date when I created the expense above)

The only option I can see to show the month in the same row of the repeating group is Current Cells “number” which shows the number of the extract of the date.

What am I missing???

Oh, I see what you mean now, yes the “date-yness” of the number has gone, so my method won’t work.

You could have a text field and put 12 conditionals on it ? Or do a lookup on a month table ?

Thanks @NigelG The 12 conditions worked. Love this forum :slight_smile:

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Can you show the bottom line? I’ll be very thankful!