Show gps coordinates from a repeating group on a map

I have a repeating group showing a list of places from an API.
any cell of the RP has “latitude” and “longitude” of the place.

I want to create a Map with all the places but when I do it with Calculate formula–> coordinates to address, I get this error

If I create a map with just the first item of the group there is no problem as you see

I would simply do that but is not possible because there is nothing I can do in address field…

please help

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I would also like to know if this is possible and/or workarounds.

I have a list of lat/longs from an external API which I would like to show as pins on a map.



Same here, I need to drop pins regardless of an address.

Hee Rhinoted,

You can do this by using the “calculate coordtoaddress” - function before you use it in the map.

  1. Create a field in your database with the type geographic address, we’ll call the field: GeoLocation.
  2. When you add a new thing to this database set it to “GeoLocation = Calculate CoordToAddress”.
  3. In the map, select list, geographic address and select the table with GeoLocation in it as the Data source.

Hope this helps

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I have the same problem, but your solution does not work in my case. I can’t add a field to my thing because it is inside a list of things that comes from an API call. And there is no way to add a field to a thing that comes from an API call.

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I have the same issue.

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