Show/hide item for time event

Hello i need some help, when logged in user click on “time in” button then “absent” and “work from home” button should be disappear till the next day how can i do it need suggestions

Hi there, @junaid.cordis… because it is assumed that the user will have to click the Time Out button at some point after they have clicked the Time In button, one way you could go is to have a field on the User data type that you set to a particular value when the user clicks the Time In button. Then, add a conditional to the Absent and Work from home buttons that hides each button when the user’s field is set to the particular value. Finally, when the Time Out button is clicked, clear the value in the user’s field, and the buttons will reappear.

I’m also assuming you are creating a thing in a data type when the Time In button is clicked. So, another way you could go is to use the creation of that thing and its lack of a “time out” value to drive the conditionals on the buttons.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks @mikeloc i will work on your suggestions to see if thats working for me :slight_smile:

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