Show reciproc data from repeating groups to popup

So guys I need your big help for this

So here you can see a dashboard of a doctor that needs to see the information of the users. These information are answers of a survey that are saved into the Database as follows:

  1. User - data type
  • Name (text)
  • Surname (text)
  • Answers (answers)
  1. Answers - data type
  • User (User)
  • Answers of survey (List of text)
  1. Questions - Option set
  • Question 1
  • Question 2

At the moment I was able to create the dashboard with the relative repeating group and information inside.
I was able to create the pop up that is taking the info from the repeating group.

But I am not able to link the information of each singular row to the popup! Each pop up should contain the info of that particular row.
How can I do it?

Hi there, @gianlucabiancardi96… when a row in the repeating group is clicked, you can use the Display data workflow action to display the current cell’s thing in the popup. At that point, you will have access to the associated thing’s fields in the popup, and you can display the data as you’d like.

Hope this helps.



Thanks @mikeloc, yeah now it works perfectly. I was wrong in passing data among differnet groups.

For other forum people seeking for help with the same problem I 'd suggest to read also this: How to send data from Repeating group to Popup | by Himanshu Sharma | Medium

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