Show Repeating Group filtered by Specific Date

Hi there, I’m building a festival app, and I have 2 data types - Artists and Events.

Artists contains a list of Events they’re playing at, and similarly, each Event has a list of Artists playing it.

The Event data type contains a field called Date

I’d like to show a directory page of all performing Artists, but split by event date.

i.e. Section 1 = all artists playing on Thurs Oct 14th.
Section 2 = all artists playing on Fri Oct 15th

I’ve tried the below, but I don’t think i’m expressing the "Date = " part correctly?

Hi @emma1

Yes you are correct, if you want a particular day “date =” is correct. Another thing to consider is to show events that are happening that week or that month. Makes for better UX. In that case you would want to do a date range which is Date is in range.


Hi @Neil_Williams - thanks so much for your reply. Embarrassed to say it’s 2 months on and dates are still puzzling me. I can’t seem to work out date range of this week. I’m working on two projects and i’ve hit the same brick wall! Apologies for such a newb request for help!